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Understanding XML: Full Form, Uses, and Benefits

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Backend Fundamentals

by | Mar 14, 2023

Backend Fundamentals


This project will be walking through the basic of building a backend REST service. By the end of this project, you will understand how to use Postman to hit service endpoints and you will know how to create your own REST service endpoint.

Tech Stack: Backend – express-javascript, express-typescript, flask-python

Why you should build it:

The backend REST service project in SkillReactor is a great way for students to gain practical experience in building a modern, scalable, and secure web service. This project walks students through the basics of creating a RESTful API, using Postman to test endpoints, and implementing secure data storage and retrieval. Students will also learn about server-side programming using Node.js, JavaScript, and other web development technologies. By completing this project, students will be able to apply these skills to build robust web applications and APIs.

This project is beneficial for students in several ways. First, it helps them gain a deeper understanding of server-side programming and web development fundamentals, including HTTP requests and responses, RESTful API design, and database management. It also teaches them about best practices in web development, including secure data storage and retrieval, user authentication and authorization, and error handling. Additionally, this project provides a foundation for students to build more complex web applications and services, as they will be able to leverage the skills and concepts learned in this project. Overall, the backend REST service project in SkillReactor is an excellent way for students to improve their web development skills and gain practical experience in building modern, scalable, and secure web services.

Project Tasks:

Task BF1: Postman Basics
This task will allow you to practice the basics when using Postman. You will be hitting REST endpoints with Postman and saving the result in results.json.

Task BF2: Postman Params & Headers
This task will involve using more advance features such as query params and headers with Postman to retrieve the correct result from the backend service.

Task BF3: Backend REST Service.
In this task you will be editing and creating your very first endpoints in a REST service.


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